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The sun warms my face and arms as the winter breeze whips around me, a delightful reprieve from the sultry humidity I’ve left behind in Houston. I pass Sausalito as the Mustang climbs into the hills of Marin County. I breathe in the freshness of the afternoon to relax and calm my mind. From Be Here Now I learned that Ram Dass was formerly Richard Alpert, Ph. Timothy Leary and Alpert were fired from Harvard for their wild experiments with LSD.I arrive at my destination early and park in front of a simple stucco cottage; which seems out of place nestled into the upscale houses around it. (Ram Dass would reveal years later that his sexual escapades with his male students fueled the fires of the scandal).Neem Karoli Baba Alpert taught Raja Yoga, a scientific system of transformation which was first written down in approximately 500BC.This ancient system includes hatha yoga postures, meditation, the importance of diet on states of mind, understanding the deeper states of consciousness, and ahimsa (non-violence).However, Alpert became disillusioned with the ability of hallucinogenics to permanently change his life.When Aldus Huxley gave him a copy of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Alpert recognized it as a map to greater consciousness.

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He knew he had found the map-reader to teach him the mysteries he longed to understand.

He waited with interest for the outcome of the acid trip his teacher was about to have.

Through the afternoon, with astonishment, Alpert noticed that the acid didn’t change Baba.

After years of study Alpert was renamed Ram Dass, which means Servant of God, and instructed to return to the United States and teach what he had learned. Ram Dass became the premier teacher of eastern mysteries and western pop-psychology.

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He set off for Asia in search of a guide to teach him to read the map. He met Neem Karoli Baba in the foothills of the Himalayas.Alpert realized he had met a special human being, but came to appreciate him the day Baba asked him about the tiny pieces of paper he was eating. Baba replied, “Give me some.” Baba took 915 micrograms of LSD (the average dose is 50 to 70 micrograms).

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