Gibson guitar serial dating

08-Apr-2015 16:48

The sixth digit is the batch number of the guitar, and the seventh is the instrument's rolling production number.

Unfortunately, Gibson has only used this system since 1977, and the company used many different numbering schemes prior to this date.

Continue Reading In Gibson's modern serial number scheme, the serial number's first five digits correspond to the instrument's date of manufacture.      Please note: This is not a COMPREHENSIVE serial number guide as I have left out some of the obscure variations of LSLP's for clarity's sake. Shown in the navigation of this page, the sections of this site that are specific to each period of LSLP will cover the obscure examples excluded from this guide in detail.Dating a guitar built before 1977 usually requires contacting Gibson for assistance.      The serial numbers of LSLPs have been a source for confusion and ire for decades.

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Secondly, primarily for first time users and those needing a "quick and dirty" answer to what there guitar's serial number represents, I have created a "30 Second Guide" to identifying your guitar.

The guide will even link you to the specific portions of this site that relate to your guitar.