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14-Dec-2015 08:16

We texted back and forth finally got his room number and got to the door and knocked he opened the door and I was in... Just write about true stuff that happens when the lights go out... curiosity towards guys because i don't do well with women & it's a way to deal with it & @ least i'd be getting sex in the disguise of experementing. but maybe i'm not doing so well with women because this attraction to guys has to be resolved & i... I have so much pent up sexual frustration that perhaps I'll just explode on saying 'hi'! Seriously though, I'd love to spend the day in her company maybe shopping? or even bi-sexual as a cop-out, but I feel it is accurate. i am afraid of falling in love with a girl, because i don't really know what love is & i might be making a mistake. If you know what I mean ;-) I also like to talk and play in the community over at secreterotica . But I knew I would like spending time with a male, with me as the bottom. He was and we did it and it was some of the hottest sex I have... I had one homosexual encounter once (we didnt go all the way), which I enjoyed. of years I've wondered what it'll be like to fool around with a guy.That too happened, and I do not regret any of the... So, I've come to terms that yes, I'm definitely curious. I have so many friends but not really any I could really sit down and chat to without them wanting to go OMG... I am looking to try being a bottom as this seems to be what excites me most. I've contacted a few guys on here but for some reason none of them actually managed to meet up with me. I haven't had a male-male encounter as an adult, so I can't say for sure that I am bi. it's alot to risk & it could fall apart tragically. I experimented with by best childhood friend when I was 10 or 11, and was horrified when he mentioned it to some of our other friends... be the "typical guy." i wanted to have the highest respect for girls.unfortunately it made them seem so much higher above me & harder to attract or even harder to feel comfortable around. I have edited it down in hopes of not having it automatically deleted.

But it started vey slowly for me with and ex girlfriend and our relationship changing. I've been trying to resist my urges to be with a woman sexually since I was a teenager. so unsuccessfull with women & i began to think about my curiosities with guys. I lost my virginity at that camp with two older girls/women. I've always been curious to having an intimate sexual relationship with a woman. who call themselves bi-curious are straight people who would like to try it with somebody of the same sex but have never tried. I consider myself a gay man and so far had only sex with other guys. whether I'm "bicuroius" or just "bi", not that it matters.I'm now 41 and married, and urges have just gotten stronger. sometimes i think i have got these curiosities as a way to deal with the lack of female attention in my life & try & have some kinda excitement in my life, but what if it's the other way around? When I went to college, there were several coeds who enjoyed having sex. With one of the guys I asked to be on the receiving side of anal sex so long as he would be gentle and patient with me. I went out and bought some new polish and lipstick today, and the girl at the counter said those shades will look good on me!!! I don't think I'm a lesbian or even bi sexual as I could not imagine having an actual full relationship with a woman. I think I'm essentially straight, but find myself attracted to some other guys also. that no matter how masculine or feminine you are there has always been someone that has made you think that they are appealing be it a Man or a Woman and because of shall I say it Patriarchal Demography and structural bias we all have stifled and hidden those desires making...