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Not surprisingly it has become a topic of discussion in the dating world as well.

How important is it for you and your significant other to share similar political views? Recently, we conducted a poll to determine how political beliefs are playing a part in today’s dating scene.

Silver hairs are bound to bristle that first moment when the old clientele crosses the Sansom Street threshold of their beloved Oyster House again. Gone is the clubby darkness of varnished wood, creaky chairs, and cloistered back rooms.

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So what do you do if your initial reaction to a date is less yeah! More Lately, the upcoming election is permeating every aspect of American life. And sure, sometimes it happens in real life — but probably not too often.A bigger raw bar, meanwhile, traces the heart of the room with a smooth marble-and-glass-trimmed counter. The Chincoteagues awakened our palates with a nice salty pop.The milder West Coast Royal Miyagis weren't as firm, but delivered a creamy, cucumber savor.

The space is open, bright, noisy, and modern now – a gleam of subway tile, glass partitions, marine-gray wainscoting, and whitewashed brick that twinkles with a spray of antique oyster plates. crackers, horseradish, and a close-up of master shuckers Ameen Lawrence and Cornell Rhodes plying their shell-craft - that my friend finally relaxed.The once-central front bar has been pushed aside, making way for a larger, lively lounge. He even cracked a smile when a gorgeous platter of bivalves arrived, each meticulously shucked and glistening in a pool of its own liquor.