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24-Mar-2016 11:26

The identity and visual language we create for our clients should stay fresh and relevant even after a decade. So much of what we design is ephemeral and has to be of its time.

If I see a magazine from the 60-ies now, I find it enriched by the style of its day. While I was in Indonesia our studio was renovated in NYC and this studio needed furniture.

The techniques I discover within this space of play often feed back into my client work.

The furniture I loved I could not afford (I had looked at a beautiful Campagna brothers lounge chair, it went for $ 125,000.00, hmmm), and the stuff I could afford I did not love.

So we designed it ourselved in Bali, took a reasonable budget per piece and had them made. The Darwin Chair is one of these, manufactured now by Droog in Amsterdam.

Self-initiated personal projects are extremely important to me.

They allow me more freedom to experiment and try things out.

I got a lot of jokes, I usually texted 'hahahahahah' back and then usually received the question whose number this might be?

I want people who view my work to experience or feel something, whether it makes them think, brings them joy, or offers them inspiration. At the Happy Show this turned out to be a card dispenser giving each visitor a card with an instruction on how to behave next.

I always aim to create functional work that achieves our clients’ goals. Every 50th card included the message: Text a joke to this number and included my cell number.

Our Work Brands and branding About Inspiration Advice for students Type and Typography Running the Studio The Industry 40 Days of Dating Design for Music Happiness 12 Kinds of Kindness Personal Questions Things I've Learned I am interested in creating emotionally engaging, concept-driven work that is embodied in beautiful forms.

I always try to approach the process in a playful way, with a sense of humor.

Trendy design and styles can work if you are designing something temporary, like an illustration in a magazine or a poster with a short life-span.However, most of the time at our studio, we seek to create work that can have a long lifespan and stay relevant for a long while, especially in relation to branding.

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