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Use the google to find some of the other gay bars if you exhaust this list.I like things measured, so I decided to rate each section in this guide with 1 to 5 “you betchas!” I dare you to try to find a section that’s under 3.Minneapolis has lots of “gay” bars, but you have to be kind of specific if you want to find the ladies.The list below tends to have the most queer girls hanging out just on regular, non-event nights.Our different events host a variety of different queer girls, so if you’re not into one scene you can try a different one out.Just follow the guide below and you’ll be well on your way to having a great time in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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The Minneapolis queer girl scene is fun and exciting with a wide variety of girls to meet.Alas, like most queer scenes, you can get a case of “it’s a small world” real quick.