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20-Nov-2014 02:35

Users told us this served two purposes—to avoid conversations that could end up being very painful, and also to be ‘out’ about their status to reduce shame and stigma through visibility.

We hope this new status field will also help meet both of those needs, while affirming that it remains every person’s individual decision whether they choose to use these fields.

By adding this feature, we hope to create an open dialogue among our users about sexual health.

Honesty, compassion, and education lay the foundation to make Grindr an even safer space for guys to connect, and we can all contribute to getting there.

We also heard from HIV-positive users about their particular experiences of both rejection and empowerment based on their status.

Some poz guys had started putting [+] next to their username.

Over the last year, we’ve talked to countless experts, including activists, public health professionals, and individual Grindr users from all walks of life, to understand whether and how to make this change.

What stood out the most from these discussions is just how often we heard about the intense anxieties users had about bringing up sexual health when they were chatting on the app.

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The global HIV epidemic impacts gay, bi, and trans people in every country on earth.

Our goal is to contribute to the movement to increase information, reduce HIV transmission, and support our whole community – regardless of HIV status – in living long and fulfilling lives, free of stigma.