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Boy is normally reserved for racism aimed at black people.

First he was trying to piss in public, next he got his racism mixed up. He had a posh accent and a tone of voice that said "I make more than you, you mean nothing to me and this is all beneath me and you WILL do as I say.

It is very rare when you are faced with such privileged entitlement laid bare for everyone to see.

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I responded that i got his photo and we are standing under a CCTV camera. In short, you will lose more than me if you punch me. I could do with some money and let's be honest here, it's been long overdue that someone put me in my place.

Annoyingly, at this point someone stopped us and he walked away to a carriage further on, presumably to carry on with his endeavour.

Thursday 20/10 Burton on Trent, Private Event Friday 21/10 London, Comedy Cafe Saturday 22/10 London, Comedy Cafe Wed 26/10 Leeds, Just Fair Laughs Friday 28/10 Cardiff, Glee Saturday 29/10 Cardiff GLee Friday night, on the train from Cannon Gate to Dartford: This guy just went to piss on the train and I was like dude have some respect what the hell are you doing?

He said, without a sense of irony "but I'm busting!

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