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Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No 069 (ROAME No F02AA409) Gunn Gunn, A G et al 1996 Gold mineralisation in the Dalradion of Knapdale-Kintyre, south-west highland. It was originally issued as a 52-part partwork for binding in four volumes. Some of it ended up on Barra, was stored in a cave there. ] Miller's Royal Tourist Handbook to the Highlands and Islands. Plate by Turner of Staffa in Shaw 18-25 Items 87 to 124 Shaw, T R, 1992 History of Cave Science: The exploration and study of limestone caves, to 1900. 112-113 Singleton, E, 1906 Great Wonders of the World. Die Wundermappe oder sämmtliche Kunst- und Natur-Wunder des ganzen Erdballs. [reprinted in} Atlantis, Mitteilungen des Landesvereins für Höhlenkunder Salzburg (3-4) 2003 Sunday Times Magazine Aug 5 1990. 142 Tell, Leander, 1959 La Bela Subtera Mondo Libro pri Grotoj. J Régulo, La Laguna, Tenerife Thomson 145-146 Thornbury, alter, 1970 (reprint) The Life of J M W Turner RA. refers to a picture of Fingal's Cave by Turner exhibited at the London Academy (Exhibition No 64) Item 176 Tindall 214 Usill, H & Thomson, H D, (ed) 1934 The Story of the World in Pictures. 19 Verne, Jules 1885 (reprinted 2003) The Green Ray. Wageningen, Gerton van, 1973 Wonderen van de Aarde. 30 location map 1 cave near Mull of Cara; 32 Sloc an Leim (Gaelic, Squirting pit); 33 location map Gigha, 4 caves and Sloc an Leim; 35 "Uamh Mhor NR 633 495 is on the coast to the west of Tarr an Tairbh and difficult to approach from the land. Haswell-Smith 149 location map, two caves Uamhag nan Gobhar and Uamhag na Creige-streap (Climbing Cliff Rock Shelter). Inventory of Monuments in the county of Sutherland 1911. not seen Mc Callum, Alex, 1912 Midlothian / Cambridge County Geographies. 149 Muirhead 1947 76 Peterkin 29 Pococke 1760 Tour through Scotland 314 not seen Price, G 1997 Cave Conservation Handbook. 132-133 Statistical Account 1791-99 HERMIT'S CAVE [1] NGR NN 758 432 Landranger 51 Kenmore, Perthshire aka Acharn Cave Anderson 1863 381 Buxbaum, Tim 1989 Scottish Garden Buildings / from Food to Folly. Scots Mag (2) Nov 1970 reader's letter Hermit's Cave [1] aka Acharn Cave Smith, Roger 1994 Highland Perthshire.

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It appears that is now a forth person who is interested in Scottish cave references - Colin Mc Leod. Some miles to the east, there is an opening in the face of the rock, which is believed to be the termination thereof.

BC The British Caver [Nos 1-6 were published as the Mendip Exploration Society Journal]. (an amusing account, calling the caves man-made) Whittow 251 Williamson 43, 95 WL Oban 1936/7 78, plate opp 80, 82, 83 W L Oban 82, 86, plate opp 89 Wood, J D, & Co, [1972] For sale privately; Inner Hebrides, The Island of Staffa with world famous Fingal's Cave. 103 Uamh Tom a' Mhòr-fhir where every few yards a door opens and lets one through, and then closes after you have passed through it.

Published 4 times a years @ £3.00 each post free from: Tony Oldham, Duncavin, Rest Home for Retired Cavers, Riverside Mews, Birlinn 1998 Pennant, Thomas 1772 A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides 1772 with an Introduction by Charles W J Withers, Edited by Andrew Simmons. "Enthält meist Ansichten von London sowie einige von Edinburgh, Brighton, Stonehenge, Liverpool, Dublin, Oxford, Cambridge und eine Tafel von der Fingalshöhle. FOSS CAVE/RISING see SCHICHALLION FRAISGALL CAVE see FREISGILL, UAMH FRAING, UAMH see MACDONALDS' CAVE [1] FHRAING, UAMH see MACDONALDS' CAVE [1] FRANCES CAVE see MACDONALDS' CAVE [1] FREELAND CAVE see BUTE, ISLAND OF FREISGILL, UAMH NGR NC 487 657 1" OS 9 Loch Eribol BB (154) 3 Bigland 84-85 Extensive caves at Fresgill on the eastern side eof Loch Eriboll. FRISKIN'S CAVES see FREISGILL UAMH GABHAR, UAMH NAN NGR NG 742 775 Landranger 19 Longa Found on Landranger 47 GARHEUGH, CAVES OF NGR NX 27 0 500 1" OS 79 Luce Bay, Galloway Dick 263 GARTNAGERACH CAVES NGR NR 750 105 1" OS 65 Gartnagerach Point, Argyllshire GASWORKS CAVE NGR NM 860 300 1" OS 46 Oban Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (1975) Argyll, an Inventory of the Ancient Monuments, volume 1: Lorn. 60 GAYLET POT NGR NO 679 434 Landranger 54 Arbroath, Angus Anon ND [1960s] Montrose / A Royal Burgh. 214 Steers 253 GENTLEMAN'S CAVE [1] NGR HY 398 488 1" OS 5 Orkney-Westray AA 232 refers to a hiding place to the south of the cave BC 80 from Tudor Haswell-Smith 327 location map, Gentlemen's Cave; 328 description. The folk lore of the long gone world and vanished people at Coire na Uruisgeaqn on the north side of Ben Venue alongside Loch Katrine.

Almost all of the Scottish photographs, and many from elsewhere in Lacaille Lacaille, A D, 1954 The Stone Age of Scotland. 1997 Archaeology and the Ethnology of Cave Dwelling in Scotland [in] Bonsal, C, & Tolan-Smith, C, (eds) 1997 The Human Use of Caves. Mac Lean Mac Lean, J P, 1890 An Historical, Archaeological and Geological examination of Fingal's Cave in the Island of Staffa. Including a voyage to St Kilda by the same author and A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland by Sir Donald Munro. Murray 1805 Murray, Sarah, 1805 A companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties of Scotland, and the Hebrides, to the Lakes of Westmorland, Cumberland, and Lancashire; and to the Curiosities of Craven, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. 241 (Shaw 113) Mitchell 20, 46-50 Moncrieff, A R Hope 2nd ed 1925 [1st ed 1906] Highlands and Islands of Scotland painted by William Smith Jnr. illus 119 (Shaw 120) Sped, M, 1972 The Battle for Staffa. 59 Stoddard, John L ND Portfolio of Photographs of Famous Cities, Scenes & Paintings ... It has the same well-worn legend as other Hebridean islands; that a dog disappeared sown it and reappeared, not as usual on the other side of the island, but on the mainland." Statistical Account 1791-99 53-54 mentions: Steers 92-93 Uaigh Mhor, or the large cave [probably Uamh an Tuil NGR NR 6370 5060] Uaigh-nan Calaman, or Pigeon's Cave [NGR NR 633 0 4945]. GILLANDERS CAVE see GOLSPIE FISSURE CAVES GILMERTON CAVE NGR NT 29 2 686 Landranger 66 Edinburgh, East Lothian Anon 1745 Gilmerton Cave, Edinburgh, Scotland. Malcolm Ian Sinclair, Chief of the Clan Sinclair, Niven Sinclair and Ian Sinclair 1999 Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe and the Origin of the Clan Sinclair. Murray 1968 203-204 GLEN DUROR, CAVES OF Caves and Caving Summer 1993 2 see under Appin, Caves of (3) 263-268, 5 photos. The Scots Magazine GOAT'S CAVE NGR NG 843 900 Landranger 19 Isle of Ewe, Wester Ross. GRAHAM CASTLE CAVE NGR NN 9 3 13 Landranger 58 Auchterarder Laughlan 1982 GRAHAMSLAW CAVES NGR NT 72 1 272 Landranger 74 Eckford, Roxburgshire Coles, F R 1911 Notice of rock-hewn caves in the valley of the Esk and other parts of Scotland. reprinted BB (154) 5 Grant, Will ND [late 1940s] Rosslyn / the Chapel, Castle and Scenic Lore. 82, 84 Grant, Will 1947 Rosslyn / the Chapel, Castle and Scenic Lore. 62-63 Helps, Arthur 1868 Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands from 1848 to 1861. Kempe 410 Lang, Theo 1st ed 1952 Edinburgh and the Lothians / The Queen's Scotland. not seen Thompson, Rev John, 18xx Guide to Roslin and Hawthornden not seen Tranter, Nigel (1982) 2000 Tales and Traditions of Scottish Castles. Rubha na h-Uamh (Gaelic - Cave of the Headland) NGR NF 75 04 Haswell-Smith 182, 183 location map. 99 reprinted BC 59 HEUGH OF CORRYNAKEIGH NGR NN 160 580 Landranger 41 Glen Coe Anderson 1863 149 describes a souterrain at Glen Shiel Quigley, H, 1936 The Highlands of Scotland (The Face of Britain series) 96. Photo of Deil's Brig, Holborn Head to be found on: 17.5.06 HOLES OF SCRAADA NGR HU 210 795 1" OS 2 St Magnus Bay, Easha Ness Dorward 53 Gibson, Colin 19?? The Courier Gibson, Colin, 1958 Highland Deer Stalker.

[New Edition, Birlinn 1998]Buchanan Buchanan, George 1582 Rerum Scoticarum Historia. xxiii+423 pp, 165+ maps of each island, showing caves, numerous line drawing by the author. [A useful book with a lot of background information: Owner, Population [usually nil], Geology; History; Description and notes as to where I can anchor my "Hibbert Hibbert, Samuel second reprint 1931 A description of the Shetland Islands comprising an account of their scenery, antiquities, and superstitions. Unfortunately the reprint omits much of the geological information and the pagination differs [Personal Communication Colin Mc Leod]. Sommer, Johann Gottfried 1821 Gemälde de physischen Welt [Paintings of the physical world] Prague. 63 & 65 Miller, Hugh, 1877 The Old Red sandstone ... Muirhead 419, 426 GENTLEMAN'S CAVE [2] see TIGHEARNAN, UAMH NAN GEO NAN RÓIN, UAMH see ST KILDA, CAVES OF GOB NA H-AIRE UAMH see ST KILDA, CAVES SOF GHOST, CAVE OF THE NGR NG 48 0 210 Landranger 32 Coire nan Uraisg, Coruisk, Skye Mac Culloch 1927a 147 Parker 46 Swire 24 reprinted in BC 38 Haswell-Smith 29 "At the south end, [Cara] below the Mull of Cara, there are two interconnecting caves each about 12 m deep which show signs of human, and goat, habitation. The Goblin's Cave is most probably a shelter crevice amongst boulders, illustrated by 2 colour photos of a possible cave.

A hypertext critical edition by Dana F Sutton, The University of Californian 2003. Site condition monitoring: Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast (BNNC) littoral and sublittora; caves, June 2003. The 1st ed was 1822, Archibald Constable & Co Hutchinson, Walter Victor 1924-26 Britain Beautiful / A popular and illustrated account of the magnificent historical, architectural, and picturesque wonders of the counties ofand Channel Isles]. In 1941 the SS Politician ran aground on Eriskay, loosing 20,000 cases of whisky. des Elefanten (in Supplement); 34.: 222 S., with an engraving of Fingalshöhle (in Supplement); Miller, James W, ND [1850? Engraving of Fingals Caves, looking in, 3 men on a boat, two men on rocks to the right of the picture. The strata have also created a number of rock shelters under overhangs, such as Poll an Aba. Muirhead between 214-215 WL Oban 1936/7 65 GOLD, CAVE OF see OIR, UAMH AN GOLSPIE FISSURE CAVES NGR NC 837 031 1" OS 22 Sutherland Royal Commission of Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland. 274 Masson 1873 [reprinted 1969] Drummond of Hawthornden 5. Dingwall, Christopher, June 1990 The Folly at the Falls.