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Heinsohn's ideas on ancient chronology were introduced to the English-speaking world in the Velikovskian journal Kronos in 1985. [I]t seems clear that his theory raises more problems than it solves and requires ad hoc suppositions galore. Because of the problems with his methodology almost all professional ancient historians, Egyptologists, Assyriologists, archaeologists, and specialists in scientific dating methods reject Heinsohn's claims.They have found support with a small number of writers and academics, most of whom are favorably disposed towards Velikovsky; amongst whom are Professor of Philosophy Lynn E. [I]t is quite clear that none of Heinsohn's claimed alter-ego identifications can be regarded as valid. That Heinsohn is forever misrepresenting his sources does not inspire confidence in his methodology. On the origin of sacrifice and priest kingship in Mesopotamia, Heinsohn suggested an explanatory model based upon a catastrophist view of ancient history and a psychoanalytic interpretation of sacrificial rituals.

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As a result, Heinsohn concluded that they created a "phantom" history of two thousand years.In contrast, Heinsohn interpreted stratigraphic evidence to suggest that Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations arose around 1,100 BCE, not 3,200 BCE, as the textbooks say. Heinsohn's reconstruction cannot be made to square with the historical record." These critiques have been ignored by Heinsohn.

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