Head over heels dating

19-Nov-2015 18:14

Head Over Heels is an arcade adventure video game, released in 1987 for several 8-bit home computers, and subsequently ported to a wide range of formats.It was completely remade in 2003 for the PC, Mac and Linux by Retrospec. Visually, Head Over Heels bears a number of similarities to Ultimate Play The Game's Knight Lore and Alien 8.It uses an isometric engine that is similar to the Filmation technique first developed by Ultimate.Head Over Heels is the second isometric game by Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond, after their earlier Batman computer game released in 1986. ” This caught my attention the other day and I think it is too funny that we have all of these little sayings that don’t make any sense at all.Let’s take a deeper look at the little saying, HEAD…OVER…HEELS. There are tons of sayings like this in the dating space, but none really make sense either.In 1994 another isometric video game by Ritman and Drummond, Monster Max, was released for the Nintendo Game Boy.The player controls two characters instead of just one, each with different abilities.

Head can jump higher than Heels, control himself in the air, and fire doughnuts from a hooter to paralyze enemies; while Heels can run twice as fast as Head, climb certain staircases that Head cannot, and carry objects around a room in a bag.

These abilities become complementary when the player combines them together after completing roughly a sixth of the game.

Compared to its predecessors, the game offers unique and revolutionary gameplay, complex puzzles, and more than 300 rooms to explore.

Drummond contributed some famously surreal touches, including robots (controlled by push switches) that bore a remarkable resemblance to the head of Prince Charles on the body of a Dalek.

Yes, precisely, your head is always over heels, or it should be. So while I don’t have an answer for why we call it head over heels, I do challenge you to think about these sayings and idioms that we take for fact. These are the sayings and thoughts that have gotten the majority of people into bad relationships and we accept them.

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