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An Irish property firm, currently developing new offices in one of London’s best locations in the West End, has secured the highest rent ever paid in the city from a billionaire art dealer.The deal for a 3,000sq ft floor at Green Property’s 8 St James’s Square development at £185 per sq ft smashes the previous record for London offices set in 2007, just before the global financial crisis struck.The Russian crime boss Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, indicted for rigging the figure skating competition at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, is also indicted in the case. Furman on Tuesday that he had helped conduct an illegal business that accepted more than five bets in a day totalling more than ,000, satisfying the legal requirement for the charge."Judge, this all started as a group of friends betting on sports events, but I recognise that I crossed the line, and I apologise to the court and my family," Mr Nahmad said.Hillel 'Helly' Nahmad, Molly Bloom and the 32 others were charged this week with racketeering, extortion, money laundering and illegal gambling, including threats of violence to make sure customers paid their debts. Famously flashy, Mr Nahmad owns an entire million floor in New York's Trump Tower, reportedly regularly makes 0,000 bets on basketball games and runs in a dizzying social circle of A-list friends from the model Gisele Bundchen to Leonardo Di Caprio.The offices have been rented, according to the London-based magazine, as the private family office for art gallery-owner Helly Nahmad, who owns a £2 billion modern and impressionist collection, including Picassos.

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Molly Bloom was among more than 30 people With a million Jeff Koons for sale, eight-figure sales became the norm at the 12th annual international art show, which ended Dec.

7, while the celebrity scene drew Kanye, Kim, Leo, Diddy and first-timer Brian Grazer.

The grade II-listed Lutyens property next door is being restored by the company and returned to a private, eight-bedroom family residence.

The son of one of the wealthiest families in the art world and a notorious Hollywood poker madam were among the nearly three dozen people to appear in court in New York on Friday over charges stemming from an illegal high-stakes poker ring that was frequented by sports stars, celebrities and Wall Street executives. Attorney for the Southern District of New York issued a statement on Tuesday alleging that one of the enterprises in the international gambling scheme laundered tens of millions of dollars through Cyprus shell companies and bank accounts into the U. Sweeping investigation: Thirty four people, including Molly Bloom, pictured, were charged in what investigators called a Russian organized crime operation that included illegal, high-stakes poker games for the rich and famous Apart from the more recognizable names, a 32-year-old JPMorgan Chase branch manager in New York was arrested and charged with helping one of the other defendants structure transactions in order to avoid bank reporting requirements, the 84-page indictment states.

Thirty-four people were then charged with racketeering, extortion, money laundering and illegal gambling – including threats of torture to make sure customers paid their debts.But under an agreement his lawyers worked out with prosecutors, Mr Nahmad, this week pleaded guilty to just one charge of operating a gambling business.

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