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Then, if you start reinforcing this by telling her how awful her boyfriend is, she’ll take that as a sign that this is true love, and that only her boyfriend does understand her. If he is really different from your family, and your daughter is comfortable in the family, and then she finds that he just doesn’t fit, it could easily make him look more pathetic. ” If she no longer feels the same convictions that you do, you can’t make her suddenly have those convictions. You can’t have a real God experience without realizing that you truly need Him and you’ve messed up. One word of warning, though: It could be that she does still love God, but she’s going to express it in different ways than you would.If she only spends time with him away from the family, he can look better than he really is. It’s better for her to come to the conclusion herself about whether he’s marriage material than for you to tell her repeatedly. ” Share with her that this isn’t a song that you thought that she would like. I know some teenagers, for instance, who the parents have told me have “rebelled” and have “turned their backs on God.” However, from my perspective they haven’t done that at all. Here’s this week’s from a woman who is not pleased with who her daughter is dating: I am concerned about my daughter’s current boyfriend. Every Monday I like to put up a Reader Question and take a stab at answering it.But they embraced those girls, they mentored those girls, they interacted with them on Facebook and tried to make them feel like they were valued, and when those destructive relationships did end, those girls had seen what Jesus’ love looks like. They just do it in a different way from their parents.Here’s another benefit: even if you don’t like this boy for your daughter, And right now, you have influence over him. Then ask her in the abstract: what kind of man would make a good father? Eventually you may ask her how she sees her boyfriend fitting into this. In this case, the mom is worried about the role playing games and the songs she’s listening to. They’ve gotten tattoos, and they’ve got different views of some social and political issues, and they’ve started going to different churches.I can think of two moms that I know who didn’t like their sons’ girlfriends. But they still love God, they’re still in ministry, and they still pray and identify as Christians.Here’s the thing: if you tell your daughter that he is an awful person, and you tell her that you don’t like him, what’s she going to do? Pretty much all teenage couples feel this way to some extent. Not necessarily, especially if you follow the next few steps.

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Her dad doesn’t really see it, but he is gone a lot for work. Personally, I’m really blessed, because I love my daughter’s boyfriend, but I’ve often thought about what I would do if one of my daughters decided to date someone I didn’t approve of.

And the truth is that once they’re a certain age there really isn’t a whole lot you can do. Nevertheless, you do have influence, so here are some thoughts I have on how to tackle this problem.

It seems to me and my son that he doesn’t respect my daughter and he is getting her involved with odd things – role-playing games, songs with bad lyrics, etc.

She is 18, so I have limited power, but any advice would be great.

You know the saying, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?” I think this applies doubly for a situation like this! People feel all these intense things, and believe that this is real love, and we’re alone in the world, and no one else understands us.

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