History dating back to 1773 bbs

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Records from Methodist chapel meetings and committees and other circuit records including registers of Methodist birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial from the various Methodist denominations.

The Methodists were probably the best record keepers of the nonconformists.

Initially evangelical renewal and reform was sought from within the Church of England but by John Wesley's death in 1791 the Methodist fellowship had developed into a separate entity.

However, two strands developed; the followers of Wesley emerged as Wesleyan Methodists following the Arminian theology which stresses that salvation is open to all believers whilst the followers of Whitefield became Calvinistic Methodists believing that only God can determine who is saved.

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Methodism originated in the 1720s with the teachings of John Wesley, a Church of England clergyman, his brother Charles and their associate the Anglican minister George Whitefield.

The first chapel for the newly emerging Methodist Societies opened in Bristol in 1739 and in 1778 Wesley opened his first chapel in London.