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10-Dec-2015 05:01

Her life is just so settled and sorted with her husband, her baby and her plumped cushions. Under the plumped cushions there’s always a crushed packet of biscuits and the cork from last night’s wine.All I can think when I come back to my house after I have spent some time with her is that I must grow up. We all like to think of ourselves as good friends – reliable, always there for our mates.But being a ‘best’ friend takes practice and requires concentration.It is very easy, particularly if things are going well for you, to get caught up in your own life.It’s the silences that you really have to listen to.fearne Holly is my first port of call when it comes to discussing relationships.She’s totally brilliant at coming over and staying up late on the sofa with a bottle of wine – or two.We hope that by sharing our experiences with you we might help you a bit on your own path.

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We were at the same stage in our lives, we were both presenting children’s TV and we were excited about our careers. There’s not one particular moment when it starts to work; you just find that you fit together.

Holly Sarah Cawood, a fellow TV presenter, introduced us at CBBC, and we spent the next two years in each other’s pockets. Your interests may be different but the same things make you laugh and cry.

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