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[1] He was an imperious, hard-drinking aristocrat whose devotion to precise observation was motivated by his devotion to astrology.

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Obligingly, Otto's wife, Beate, gave birth to twin sons, but one of them was still-born and Otto went back on his promise.At his uncle's estate at Tostrup, Tycho received an education appropriate to his social station and in 1559 he went to Copenhagen University to study philosophy and rhetoric in preparation for a career as a statesman.[2] His father, Otto Brahe, was a privy councillor to the King of Denmark; his uncle, Jrgen Brahe, was an admiral in the Danish navy.Before Tycho's birth, his father had made a strange pact with Jrgen.

It was Tycho and his protg Johannes Kepler who prepared the way for the pinpoint accuracy of the ephemerides and calculation programs that we take for granted today.

And, to quote Arthur Koestler, Tycho really was 'a refreshing exception amongst the sombre, tortured, neurotic geniuses of science'.