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When your package is delivered, the actual delivery date will be displayed.Note: the range refers to business days (Monday to Friday with the exception of holidays). Select the link to determine the expected delivery date for your package.When your package is delivered, the actual delivery date will be displayed. Exact delivery standards exist for every origin-destination combination.A partial green Delivered progress bar indicates that we attempted to deliver your package and no one was available to accept it.We left a delivery notice card and the package is now available for pick up.In some cases, we display a range of delivery days.This is our estimate of when your package will arrive based on conditions such as weather and traffic.

Keep checking Track for updates to this date as your package travels to its destination.

When your package is delivered, the actual delivery date will show.

Check our After you’ve entered your tracking number into Track, the Track results page will show you the status of your delivery.

The following table explains each stage of the progress bar.

A Check Track History progress bar with an arrow halfway indicates the delivery of your package has been interrupted.In Track, check the Track History section below the progress bar for specific details.

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