How to count dating anniversaries

01-Aug-2016 02:07

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In one episode of How I Met Your Mother, Lily says “They kissed, they’re finally a couple”. I’d argue there are four benchmarks you could pick: first kiss, first date, first sex or when it becomes “Facebook official”. This is no doubt a big moment; I can only assume anyway, I have never kissed anyone before. Does the first kiss really concrete two people are a couple?However, what about those relationships where you don’t jump into bed straight away (I know what’s that about?! Some people are even NSBM: which is not a form of BDSM, but means No Sex Before Marriage.

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Sometimes, however, you go for lunch with a girl and you think it’s a date – and they think its just lunch with a friend.

Is it a date if you don’t explicitly say it is a date?