How to spot a nigerian dating scammer date a doctor dating site

10-Jan-2016 03:10

You are then left broken hearted when your new love disappears along with your money. You may even start to fall head over heels for this person. Before long they ask for more – then more, and more, and more. No one wants to think that they could fall for an internet dating scam, and yet hundreds of people fall victim to such scams every single year.But then right out of the blue they need some money – a looming personal crisis or a short term lack of funds. Online dating fraud rose by 33% last year88% of dating fraud is online - the rest is by post, through newspapers and in person The UK public lost £34 million to "romance" fraudsters in 2014The average reported loss is between £2000 and £3000The average time between initial contact and the realisation that you have been conned is 6 weeks Average victim age is between 45 and 60 years old57% of victims are female In the UK 89% of reported scams occur in Birmingham and London Here are a few of the more obvious scams that are around and some tell-tale things to look out for.

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We know this is a continuation of the original scam.

But somewhere down the track you may start to feel that things don’t quite add up.

Times and places may not tally, or they may retell a story in a slightly different way.

There are some fake detectives/investigators that have set up web sites stating they are NET Detectives.

Male scammers are normally between 40 and 50 and they always try to target female dating members who are between 40 and 60 years of age.Details that don’t add up - Online-dating scammers often have very detailed and convincing background stories.