Husband looking dating sites

08-Oct-2015 05:01

When I asked him about it, he said he has done a prize survey for something else and the dating website had registered him without his say so.There is a user name and password for the account though and he has opened a special folder for emails from the site when I think if he was not interested he would just press delete.i had thso problem with my ex i went on pc and these emails came up with username etc so i logged in and there was profile with all his details he used the same excuse that he didnt sign up etc even tried to say he had been hacked.we had been together 5years married for 3 and i was due to have my youngest 5days later.Is it possible for a dating site to register someone without their permission?Is it OK for a husband to look at other women that are looking for a man locally? Don't want to be unreasonable but feel like banging my head on the wall till it bleeds rather than confront the hurt inside.if this happened to me i would set up a profile with another persons picture and approach my husband to see if he responds.

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For me the trust was gone if your in a relationship then there is no need to be on a dating site.As for looking at local women i would be pretty ****ed of yes men look at women but why go on a dating site looking at local women if your just wanting to look unfortunately this does sound very suspect.