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22-Feb-2015 22:00

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Using key words like “sex 4 sale” or “young girl sex” you can find the groups that revolve around sex trafficking.With the group being private if someone wants to join the group they have to be accepted by the person in charge.And with the public setting anyone can read the posts that are created within the group.Once they agreed to do so, they were forced into prostitution upon their arrival.When police investigated they located four victims, aged 16 to 20.Facebook groups have made it easier to find girls to bring into the sex trafficking ring.With the privacy settings provided, the creator of the group can either make it private or public.

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Being at their most vulnerable, the “pimps” jump in and provide empty promises, claiming that they’ll give them the attention that they want and promise to provide the best life for them, sometimes offering them a modeling or actress gig.

Once the pimp gains the trust of the lost individual they offer them a free trip to meet face to face.