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18-Dec-2015 07:21

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but I do want a friend who has maybe gone through things, but a friend who would accept me and I could talk to. I want to find friends with similar interests, perferably those whose first language is English and enjoy writing stories, blogs and such. or I am the only one who thinks that I have friends. I think the last time I had a friend who was a girl was twenty years ago. Friends appear when they just need something and when you need them, their assistance, their back, they vanished.

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I am using different methods, I do not mind a friend who could participate in the... For the past week I barely get messages unless I text first. Things are going so badly with him, I think I ruined it all. I am currently trying to develop my brain after things that happened up there. It's hard to find someone to talk to when they begin to act creepy and ask you for photos. my relatives don't even care if I exist or not the only thing they know is my name, even though we're close in age I try so hard to be accepted! Then when you actually want to talk the all vanish all of a sudden. She was living with a guy and then got pregnant, but after she had her baby we didn't see... I never had a friend nor in school or college or life. I mean when I don't want to talk to anyway ( when I am worn out from work or sleepy ) everyone is online and wanting to talk to you. been making me depressed, it has caused me to feel depressed in other areas. And now I don't even have my friends to hang out with because he slowly manipulated me into not talking to them.

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There Are Boys Entering As Girls And Big Lies Allover This Site.. I need that person in my life that I can talk to about literally anything. If Anyone Is Looking For A Friend To Talk To Or A Best Friend And Has Any Social Media Account Such As (Facebook, Instagram, And Whatsapp) Because I Lost My Best And Only Friend I've been getting very frustrated lately with how the whole system works for finding a job. It was sad and I regret telling him some hurtful things .

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