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14-Jan-2015 07:24

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Like any form of technology, instant messaging (IM) can have good and bad uses.

With the right parameters it can be a tool to develop friendships among God’s people from every corner of the earth.

By typing sentences that are grammatically correct, you are training yourself to be a more effective writer and communicator. This improves other areas of life—especially when writing essays in school.

Apply this principle to emails to further accelerate your writing and spelling ability.• Involving New People: As The Restored Church of God grows faster and larger each year, many new young people are coming with us, each with different backgrounds and experience.

However, the anonymity that this medium provides can lead to standards that slip.• Subjects: As with any conversation, instant messaging can flow in many directions.

This is particularly true if there is a larger group of users messaging each other.

Do not let the standards you apply in face-to-face conversations slip online.

Remember, you represent God’s Way; your conversations should be deeper and your standards higher than your peers in the world.. Be aware of a conversation’s direction, and steer it back into Sabbath-appropriate subjects if necessary.

Text speak is a kind of new language—one that you should avoid!The more you use it, the more it will become second nature.

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