Internet dating scams nz

28-Nov-2014 04:18

Read about internet dating scams, online job scams and online trading scams. Online dating scammers may approach you in a number of ways - chat rooms, social networking sites, unsolicited emails or dating websites – all the same ways that genuine lonely hearts will approach you.

They'll build up a relationship of trust with you, then eventually ask for some type of financial help.

By taking this job and receiving and transferring this stolen money, you may be held liable for the funds, and investigated by the police.

A common online trading scam involves criminals based overseas using fake traveller's cheques, bank drafts or foreign cheques to pay for an item that you are selling online.

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It's likely the account holder has been the victim of a phishing scam or had some type of malicious spyware installed on their computer.Being aware of what to look for and knowing what to do is important to protect yourself and your family.Fraudsters use the internet to get to know people and gain their confidence.Sometimes the relationship can go on for years before the fraudster asks the victim for money.

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The cheque or draft is made out for much more than the agreed price, then they buyer will ask you to send the excess amount back to them.

It can take a long time for banks to confirm a cheque or draft is counterfeit - especially when it's come from overseas, so your bank will usually allow you access to the funds before they know if the item is counterfeit.