Interoffice dating ethics

03-Jan-2016 00:39

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Or translated- they have not yet graduated; once they graduate then they are adults.

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Or to make this matter more personal for me, he would have supported policies that would have barred my dating/mating with my wife to be in the 1990s. Profs don’t have crushes since profs are not children.He indicates in his last post and in his other posts on this subject that in the 1990s when he was single he engaged in a number of sexual relationships with students.But now such relationships are in the past since presently he is married.To a cynical outsider, it may appear that Schwyzer engages in an ethic of convenience- when single it was OK for him to find partners who were students, but now that he is married he disapproves of such relationships.

Of course, such a cynical view also reflects a basic sociological tenet- ones attitudes change as a function of changes in ones social positions.

Schwyzer states- If we’re doing our job right, we have the power to change the way a student thinks about himself or herself.