Interracial dating discussion

01-Jun-2015 21:01

For every unhappy person that blames their unhappiness on color, there are hundreds of happy healthy human beings who bring that health and happiness to their relationships and the world around them. Coming from a family of many bi-racial marriages, it is nice to see what has happened to the children of bi-racial parents.

Their problems are those of other couples no matter what the race.

As a matter of fact they all have very special relationships.

Dear FRONTLINE, I'm a white man who has been married to a black woman for what will be 25 years this next April fool's day.

And what a wonderfully enlightening, frustrating, tearful, strengthening and - in many respects - ordinary life it has been.

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Maybe it's because when they first meet, they are delighted by the person inside the skin that is so different.Anyway, I'm tired of the media focusing on the negative of interracial people and relationships. Studio City, CA Dear FRONTLINE, I was moved by June's drive to find out all the details of her life, be they happy, or sad.