Interracial dating websites in the uk

25-May-2015 15:05

A group of friends and I were talking about interracial dating in the US and the problems that potential couples may face.This led to curiosity about dating practices in other countries and cultures.The UK is actually very welcoming of such pairings, of course you get your fringe groups but overall it's so common it's not a big deal.

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I do realize that every person is unique in their beliefs but if you can give me a general “feel” for race relations that would be extremely helpful First off, you'll find racism everywhere.

However, when I lived in London, England and I'm from NYC originally --- I found London to be extremely welcoming and very positive.

You don't find many of BW/BM couples running around England.

Most of my friends, except for one when I was at Uni were all bi-cultural (commonly deemed biracial).

For the record there are A LOT of interracial couples in the UK.

I mean there are so many that Black women with Black men are novelty.