Interracial dating white guy

21-May-2016 20:21

I wouldn’t make any comparisons about what white men like/do/are/say vs. In fact, I wouldn’t bring up black men at all when talking about my decision to date white men. The racially escapist explanation for interracial dating is nothing new.

Because frankly, black men have nothing to do with it. For years, people have been similarly defending their relationship choices with some version of “I date white men/women because black men/women are too ____.” (You can fill in the blank with any generalization, like black men/women are too selfish, too aggressive, too mean, too arrogant, too needy, too nagging, too broke, too unfaithful, too untrustworthy, too stingy, too shady, etc.) Then, my next question is: Why are some people’s explanations for why they date outside of their race based upon broad generalizations and blatantly dogging the so-called unsuitable mates within their race?

Several of my beloved family members are white (my stepmother But whatever reply I’d give (if I even bothered to give one at all), I’d hasten to avoid what I call, racially escapist reasoning.

Meaning, I wouldn’t say (or even imply) that I date white men because there’s something about black men that I don’t like and want to avoid.

Now, from what I’ve read, she hasn’t said that she only dates white men.The “only” seems to be implied, and it’s an assumption she’s okay with, especially since someone recently asked her on Instagram why she “dated white dudes with money,” to which she offered this response: “Because black men take black women for granted and I’m too busy with music to be fighting for my rights at home.But many people hear “I date white men” or “I date white women” and they insert an “only” where it doesn’t belong.If someone were to ask me, “Why do you date white men?

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” My answer would vary, depending on my mood and my audience.

I might venture a humorous yet thoughtful response, like,“I grew up as one of only a handful of black kids in a white school.