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14-Feb-2016 12:37

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Just in time for Intersex Awareness Day, Quinn’s post made it to the front page, gathering over 1600 upvotes and 1004 comments. I’m a girl who has testes.” Quinn has Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS), which means that her body is unresponsive to testosterone and is phenotypically female.

Quinn is an advocate for Advocates of Informed Choice, an organization that provides awareness to intersex people. She has undescended testes and XY chromosomes which makes her biologically a combination of being both male and female, but has breasts and a vagina.

) is pretty complex, which is why most people don’t know about it or understand what it is.

But basically, it means that somebody is born with traits that don’t quite fit in the “male” and “female” boxes.

Despite their natural curiosity, the AMA led to Quinn answering insensitive questions like, “How did you learn about this birth defect? ” But she kept answering, informing the general public about the “I” in LGBTQIA.

However, this unfortunately leads to users taking advantage of their posting anonyomity by asking inappropriate questions.

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You could have someone who is like a typical female in every way, except they don’t have a uterus (MRKH).

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