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Some hackers there should really complete the audit and prepare somebetter organized analysis.* A Latvian company wrote most of the software, not Silent Circle Theapplication of Silent Circle seems to be a rebranded and customizededition of Tivi Phone, available from com made in Latvia.silent-phone-base$ grep -ir . Pay by Pay Pal, get the license key, run it and tell your friends how muchmore competitive Tivi Phone is! With the intention of releasing it as Silent Phone yearslater?

| wc -l 180 From Ti Vi's page: September 30, 2010, buy Tivi Phone with ZRTP voice and video encryption. If you resell (or rebrand) Tivi Phone,even better: bid for bigger batches of licenses in one go! I can't be that specific but look at and the variousnames associated with these libraries and projects appear all throughthat list. I don't know, but Occam's Razor wouldprobably say that they just made a deal with this company and eitherbought them or partnered with them. I noticed they have a "rebranding" pitch on their website,maybe SC just took that a step further.

Latests version is libzrtpcpp 2.3.2 (released on20-Nov-2012) ZRTPCPP 1.5/1.6/2.3 download: .* It does reveal their test/development server?

*Polar SSL Changelog Log *they embed 1.1.1 and 1.1.4 in libs, but I only find 1.1.1 usage inthe code *TODO: It should be checked in details if that 1.1.1 is vuln and/orpatched to some of the advisory.

*^--- Polar SSL 1.1.1 suffers from "Weak Diffie-Hellman and RSA keygeneration": *Easily a non-issue as w/ many other projects.

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jsut cut and past ",much ado about nothing"_Indeed it appears the Ti Vi Phone people work ~for~ Silent Circle.

I think a number of them have "day jobs" inthe early phases of this startup."Silent Circle’s team: a unique and eclectic mix ofworld-renowned cryptographers, Silicon Valley software engineers, German Vo IP engineers, Latvian system analysts and former US Navy SEALs & British Special Air Service (SAS) security experts."* Application is designed for Vo IP, not specifically for Security Thesoftware Tivi Phone appear to be designed for general mobile voip useand not specifically designed for security.