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Also, Alison Azer just wants action in the case of her children, who've been taken to Iran by her ex-husband -- but she's disappointed by the disrespectful action shown by Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion.

Plus, Ain't it weird when you discover that he really was where it's at?

Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature -- but even our Dylan-loving guest isn't sure the committee made the right decision, and a whole lot more.

Mohamedou Old Slahi, author of "Guantanamo Diary," is finally allowed to return home to Mauritania -- after being held at the U. Also, former airline pilot Beverly Bass flew into Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11 -- and this weekend, she'll go back to see the musical about that day, which is finally opening in the town where it's set.

Also, she was driving home when a random bullet punched through her side window.

Also, It's ridiculous and insulting -- to put it invisible-planely.

The UN proudly announces its new ambassador for women's empowerment -- but actual women are disappointed that it's the comic-book superhero Wonder Woman.

From the complex to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the voices you want to hear.

Now, twenty-six-year-old Precious Land is paralyzed -- one of thousands of Chicago residents who were shot, but survived. Everyone, especially Canada, blames one region for threatening the billion-dollar trade deal with the EU -- but a Belgian politician says he understands where Wallonia is coming from.Also, Ottawa police release a report showing they're far more likely to stop young, male, black and Middle-Eastern drivers than anyone else -- and the study's author wants it to spark discussion, and change.Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens.Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day.

Also, it's been fifty years since Charlie Wenjack froze to death trying to get home. And inside Mosul are nearly a million-and-a-half civilians who are in grave danger, as the fight for control of the city continues for a second day.Tonight, his sister Pearl Wenjack tells his story, and talks about two people who've brought that story back to light: Gord Downie, and his brother Mike. Two-and-a-half centuries after their ancestors contacted the Crown about a treaty, the Algonquin of Ontario finally ink an agreement in principle for an enormous piece of land, including Parliament Hill. Also, after police charge 9 protesters at Muskrat Falls, we hear from hunger-striking artist Billy Gauthier who says his death would only be the first if the power project is allowed to flood their land.

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