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10-Dec-2015 22:23

Don’t hesitate to chat with passers by or ask for help from a mentor. There are different female and male avatars to choose from when signing up.You never know, you might as well meet your first SL companion. These avatars are only good for the first couple of steps and are frowned upon by advanced residents.Your first login will take you to Orientation Island.Take your time to go through all the tutorials and get familiar with the software.To blend in you should demonstrate individuality in shaping your individual character.Start by editing your appearance and sculpt your avatar until you like what you see.

It will help you tremendously in your future Second Life experience.You will also have to pass some tests before you may proceed to Help Island.

On May 20, 2013, Frind implemented several changes to the website with the stated goal of focusing on "meaningful relationships." Among these changes were the removal of the "intimate encounters" option.… continue reading »

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Three I haven’t messaged, interacted with or even clicked on for up to six months. I don’t mind remotely, but it kind of makes me wonder why they are there and why Facebook isn’t clear about the process that selects those 15 out of my 421 friends.… continue reading »

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