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I'm an Iranian Kurdish girl who bcz of some different believes & thoughts can't find my match in my country.

II'm simple easy going and I like meeting new people I have my own opinions a bout what l feel are natural order about right and wrong, and l appreciate kindness and sensitivity I like the beach and sound it makes I like spend time with my family and my friends, have fun, reading, love nature I am someone who is consistently growing themselves and who takes the time to continue learning Height 168cm Weight 57 kg Frank and I am kind honest I don't know what can I write it com backs to your believes we must see eachother for knowing eachother but iam looking for an lovely and honestly life I am an ordinary girl ordinary long and black This is Sara, 30 yrs old from Iran.

It was a Thursday night in Istanbul and I was sitting on a patio at a going away party with three Persian cousins: two men living in Istanbul for graduate school and a woman living there who works as a journalist. So it’s forbidden by law, informal dating when you’re not married. The men explained that when a woman gets married she decides on an amount of money that the man owes them if they get divorced. Also they’re graduating a lot more from university, to the extent that if a girl and boy are both applying to the same department at university, they’ve lowered the standards for the boys to try to even it out.

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iranian american women dating-2

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I love ice cream, food, and family travel, sports and the sea and the forest and also clean the house and car and love driving and flying I am 189 cm tall and weighs 110 kg and dark hair and hazel eyes and clothing I am an adventurous girl. I do travel and love traveling & writing more than anything.

I love traveling and discovering new places and cultures.