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22-Aug-2015 13:12

The police have said they haven't been able to 'completely eliminate anything'.

Earlier this month the medical examiner ruled their cause of death as inconclusive after their remains were found in November.‘There’s no way they just wandered off and got lost’, Sherilyn's mother Connie Kokotan told Mail Online.

Five years ago Bobby Jamison, Sherilyn Jamison and their six-year-old daughter Madyson mysteriously vanished.

It wasn't until more than four years later that their skeletal remains were found on a remote Oklahoma mountainside, lying side-by-side, face down in the dirt, three miles from their abandoned truck.

Madyson's dog Maisy, pictured, was the only survivor The list of reasons why the Jamisons could have been killed is dizzying.

Was the tragedy linked to witchcraft, white supremacists, a drug deal gone wrong, a relative with a grudge with ties to the Mexican mafia, or did they stumble across a meth lab and pay the ultimate price?

It’s so isolated; I’m scared to go up there.’ Torment: Bobby's mother Starlet Jamison (left) and Sherilyn's mom Connie Kokotan look at the urns after a memorial service for the family last Saturday.

Or was it a brutal murder-suicide, brought on by Sherilyn’s crippling depression following the tragic death of her sister two years earlier?Others have said, more simply, they just wandered off, got lost and died of hypothermia.Remains: The family's bodies were found last November.But they were in such a bad state that an autopsy was inconclusive and shed no light on what had happened.

Everyone round here knows there are lots of evil people up in those mountains.

It’s where outlaws like Jesse James used to hide out.