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I was pretty disconnected from that whole world, and didn’t realize that song had such appeal.

I wrote that song eight years ago, and played it for a few record company people and they said, “This will never be a single.” And I understood. We stopped playing that song a few years ago, and then Kim Walker recorded it on the West Coast and people started wanting to hear it again, so we started playing it again.

A song about the immense love of God for us even in the midst of our brokenness, “How He Loves” has been covered by the likes of David Crowder, Kim Walker, Todd Agnew and Flyleaf.

Watch Mc Millan describe the story behind “How He Loves” in this video.

I think they’re pretty good descriptions of , or they should be. Do you currently, or have you ever, led worship as a job for a congregation? I don’t want people coming because it is “John Mark’s church,” but because it’s a relational place where people have an opportunity to grow with one another.

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, came out this summer and spawned the singles “Skeleton Bones” and “Death in His Grave.” You may have heard Mc Millan’s song “How He Loves,” which is quickly becoming a staple in church worship services.Mc Millan wrote the song several years ago the day after his friend Stephen was killed in a car accident.Mc Millan recently spoke with from his home in Charlotte, N. Technically it’s a re-release, so I was a little worried about whether my core crowd was going to get behind it and push it, but they definitely did. How would you describe your new album to someone who’s never heard you before?C., about his music, his mission and his thoughts on the contemporary worship industry. You’re probably a very sought-after person these days. Would you describe it as worship or Christian music? I think there is music, and there are people who make it, and I think people who make good music sing about what’s important to them. We tried to record it in a way that sounds like the old albums I really love — old Springsteen or Dylan albums. I was listening to a lot of the “new folk” stuff a few summers ago — people like Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst.

You wrote the song “How He Loves,” which is now a major hit.Is it weird to you that a song you wrote is now being sung in churches throughout the world every Sunday? I think it’s awesome, but yeah — I didn’t even know when I was writing it what I was going to do with it.

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