Is drake and nicki minaj dating

24-May-2016 22:26

Meek Mill has been dating Nicki Minaj since 2015, but sources say that rapper Drake always wanted to be with Minaj, even when he was still dating Rihanna.

This might be the reason that Rihanna now wants to get into a studio with Meek Mill and collaborate.

Maybe Rihanna also wants Nicki Minaj to feel jealous when she starts working with her boyfriend.

According to Inquisitr, Rihanna was able to listen to Meek Mill's EP, "Dreamchasers Four," and was really impressed with his raw passion and wants to work on an album with him.

Drake has also been collaborating with superstar Taylor Swift, and though they were rumored to be dating, the rapper and country star denied the reports and said they were just working on a song together.

What will Nicki Minaj, who was recently linked to Drake, think of this collaboration?

Will Rihanna be open to Meek Mill dissing Drake on the collaboration? Aussie News Network reported that the word war between Drake and Meek Mill have been going for a while, with Drake dissing Meek Mill while on tour, and Meek Mill retaliating by sending armed men after him.No one knows for sure what motivated Rihanna to want to collaborate with a known enemy of her ex-boyfriend.