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10-Mar-2015 02:55

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez the cutest, most supportive pair of besties ever, so OF COURSE they're each other's dates to the 2016 Grammy Awards tonight. Taylor rocked a bright crop top and floor-length skirt with a slit (plus that v chic new bob), and Selena went full glam in a glittery dark blue dress with cut-outs. "We just hung out with my girlfriends at the house."Sounds like an awesome V-Day to us!

They arrived on the red carpet less than an hour after finding out they had won a Grammy together for "Bad Blood" — and their reaction was On the red carpet, Selena revealed that her Valentine's Day was pretty chill and filled with lots of quality time with her girls. If you get flack for wanting to go to prom with your best friend instead of a traditional "date," just point to Taylor and Selena as the best #Prom Goals, #BFFGoals, #Red Carpet Goals around.

If it's good enough for these two Grammy-winners, it's good enough for us!

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Calvin Harris may have a bit more in common with one another then you’d think.

Her whole family has been so supportive of me and yeah, she’s been there during crucial points in my life and in my career.” Taylor and Calvin seemed to have a pretty solid relationship, one that lasted over a year, until a sudden and unexpected breakup earlier this year.

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Siblings can be weird about friends and dating, and Taylor strikes me as particularly possessive of loved ones.

However, this is super weird to me from Sel’s POV because I mean really, think about making out with Austin–it’s basically like kissing Taylor. But if not, you may want to rethink this crush and keep your hands to yourself…