Is tom kaulitz still dating chantelle paige

08-Feb-2016 15:20

She looks really bitchy, like the kind you see in hip hop videos, yes? (; And yes, i love tom's new style too ; D Actually, i wasn't a fan of Tom that time she has Dreads. (: The only reason the paparazzi took pictures of these two is because they're both famous.If you're new here, you may want to Subscribe to our Tokio Hotel Headliner, and get daily FREE updates on: Tokio Hotel News, Tokio Hotel Gossip, Tokio Hotel Goodies Tokio Hotel Videos, Tokio Hotel Pictures, Tokio Hotel Merchandise And much more Daily Tokio Hotel stuff! Those among us (and among you), who are fans of the Magdeburger boygroup “Tokio Hotel” as well, are now additionally at the latest deeply impressed and shout, at least half-loudly, a “Donnerwetter” (= Wow! Instead of flying back to Los Angeles after a performance in Stockholm, the former model comes to Hamburg for visiting Tom. v=Rny Ddf Vgqn Q check that out ( my fave part is at OMG! I just don’t get why they would sit and make out in his car, HELLO??? you fuss about people following you and taking pics but you want to sit in your car and make out where anyone can see you!!! And i prefer they hide their personal lives,if they will hurt me hat muich. Nel, I understand your frustration, and I know it hurts. If I had the chance to be with Bill, I would try my best to be everything for him. But I’m not gonna get the chance to give him everything, and some other girl will. Do you know why we don’t see Bill in ANYTHING to do with that Chantelle chick? Its going to be another Katrina (Trina) AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, I’m not believing anything till Tom make an official statement…until now, all we’ve heard is this Chantelle girl bragging about her dates with Tom and stuff but insist they’re “just friends”.

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I found myself pondering over this yesterday, and I've come to the conclusion that this might just be one of Tom's many one night stands. I dunno, but I know there's a picture, and here it is. Personally, I'm loving Tom's new style, but I don't think I like his "girlfriend". She's i the group ''flipsyde'' (; Perhaps you allready know that, but know i've told you twice!

maybe this is the start of Tom's 2009 love affair with Chantelle Paige. And it looks like the rumour about the piercing was true too, cos I've seen a few pics with him wearing one, and it doesn't look photoshopped. Tom says he doesn't "have time for a relationship." Yerh. And actually, ''Chantelle paige'' IS one of thoes types in music videos..

The kissing-protocoll, recorded to the best of one`s knowledge and belief and with the necessary caution: Chantelle landed with flight SAS 2645 of the Scandinavian Airlines at Monday evening pm at the airport Hamburg. ( movie’s out this november ) but u can see the trailer at youtube. If they were pap pics they would be much clearer than they are. I wish he was still single.whatever.:[ Okay I don’t but I do.. I just want him to be happy with the perfect girl that can be his everything if it’s not me. Even though I’ll be happy for Bill when he gets a girlfriend, when I hear this new, I”ll rip this computer into pieces, burn them, run away from home, screaming, and ding dong every house I see O_O. Chantelle made a statement saying that she didn’t know the paparazzi was following them, come on, that’s so ignorant….

From there she drove to the city, checked in cost-consciously at the 3 stars “Suitehotel Hamburg City” near the central station. But anyway Tom you will always be my fav, I just want you to be happy Haa wow. I had already accepted Tom having a love interest or whatever and then it kind of died it’s back. I just came back from a weekend vacation.there’s always NEW, crazy news when I come back. Haha I can imagine when Bill get’s a gf or a fling. I think a lot of the fans on these sites are Bill fans because he catches their attention more. Germany is Tom’s home tuft….paparazzi’s are everywhere just waiting for a good photograph….

but i been a fan of him same time as i only thougt that he has dreads. what i didn't knew was, that he actually was getting a new hairstyle. so i've never been a fan of him with dreads, i just thougth so!