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In some cases these images may be downloaded or printed.

In still other cases, only a few representative images are provided for each manuscript.

My Manuskrip or Digital Library of Malay Manuscript enables repositories within Malaysia and those outside to participate in building and offering manuscript content as well as outputs of manuscript research such as articles, reports, theses and links to relevant sites.

As such, repositories, cultural and national heritage centers, manuscript libraries and museums are invited to share and provide access to their manuscript contents and expert knowledge concerning Malay scriptorium.

From some of these repositories, digitized manuscripts may be downloaded in their entireity as pdf files.

In other cases, only image by image viewing is possible, but for the complete manuscript.

Daiber Collection Database, The Arabic Manuscripts in the Daiber Collection, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo (Japan) searching system is released for using the original catalogue attached (including titles, author and additional bibliographical information) and the digitized images of Daiber collection at the same time.

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My Manuskrip (Digital Library of Malay Manuscripts) “.This collection is the corpus of manuscripts mainly focused on Arabic, collected by Dr.Hans Daiber, a professor of Islamic studies in Germany, over many years.We now have 4 collections and more than 179 titles of manuscripts in our archive.” Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Manuscripts

This list includes but a selection of the various collections of digitized manuscripts available online, here organized by collection location.Extent and quality of the digital surrogate vary, as do navigation, display and download.