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And then this morning, Indiana Pacers star Paul George weighed in on social media, tweeting, “I don’t condone hittin women or think it’s coo. George’s comment is one of those dumb player blunders that drive coaches nuts. Paul George sat two seats from me and was absolutely awesome. “It doesn’t buy you guts.” In just the first 15 minutes of his show, Dakich has called out, by name, a rising local superstar and an all-time sports legend, while diving into the kind of hot-button social issue that would make a lot of sportscasters stutter. Scares the living hell out of me how many people somewhere between 18 and 30 thought that that was all right.

“I do not want professional athletes, or any athletes, really, on this show, ’cause I’ve dealt with them for years and years and years,” Dakich tells his audience. And then you read this, and you go, ” Next, Dakich picks apart a statement from Larry Bird, the Pacers’ president of basketball operations, that called George’s tweets “thoughtless.” “See, I disagree with that,” says Dakich. I think what was going on with Ray Rice infuriated Paul George to the point where, as a lot of athletes say, ‘I don’t care.’” Dakich criticizes George for “hiding behind words” instead of apologizing in person, at a press conference. Thought that that was just speaking the truth, keeping it 100 percent. Dakich agrees with some, disagrees with others, and rips a few more for being stupid. As a former basketball player, assistant coach, and, oh-so-briefly, head coach at Indiana University, Dakich has been connected to some of the state’s most controversial sports moments of the past three decades.

“I like the fact that he’s not afraid to put his balls on the line.” It’s not surprising that Dakich would side with a coach over the critics. As he once said on the show, “Some of you need verbally abused.” In June, after the Miami Heat eliminated the Pacers from the playoffs, guard George Hill tweeted his displeasure with fans’ negativity.

In fact, “media guy” might be Dakich’s favorite bogeyman. Dakich ripped Hill repeatedly on the air over the next several weeks, as well as Hill’s girlfriend, who had tweeted about “fake Pacers fans.” Hill called Dakich a bum.

He hasn’t quite come around to the idea that he himself—a radio host and color commentator on ESPN college-basketball telecasts—is now one of them. You need to learn from somebody who needs to tell you.” “Coach” is like “president” or “judge”—a title that sticks even after you leave the job. Dakich egged him on, tweeting, “Fans that pay 0’s watch half an effort..

“I just can’t stand ‘media guy’ that determines [what’s] right or wrong, in terms of somebody’s belief,” he said.

“It drives me nuts.” “He’s one of the few guys in Indy who’s got a point of view,” says longtime and now WTHR columnist Bob Kravitz, who appears on Dakich’s show weekly (and is himself no stranger to tipping Indiana’s sacred sports cows). Tell you to “sack up.” He will hang up on you and call you an idiot.

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“What Paul George did today was give you a little insight into the soul of professional athletes.” It is shortly after noon on a Thursday, and Dan Dakich is on the air.

Earlier in the week, a video of NFL running back Ray Rice punching his fiancee appeared in the news, sparked a national conversation about domestic violence, and cost Rice his job. ” Before hosting a sports-talk radio show on WFNI 1070 The Fan, Dakich coached college basketball. “There’s not a more cowardly act for a man, and it scares the living hell out of me how many men today on Twitter thought what Paul George was saying was right, particularly the part about .

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