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An irreversible, earth-shaking decision like this cannot be made in this way, in the oldest democracy in the world. Tell them we WILL hold them accountable for their actions. It's critical that we send our elected officials a strong, united message: We will not let fear dictate our lives. We will not stand back and watch our country and economy and livelihoods catch on fire. The referendum was a critical process in our ongoing dialogue about the future of our country, but it should not be the final word.

We will stop those who are willing to light the match. We do not have to leap off the cliff into apocalyptic turmoil. The debate must continue on something of such national importance.

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He married Meg Bentley in 1966 and adopted her son, Scott Baldwin.

Their marriage was rocky as she thought Lee was cheating her.

It is widely agreed that this referendum, in its design, execution, in its campaign and in its aftermath, has been an international embarrassment. A democracy is a system of healthy checks and balances, and there is nothing undemocratic about questioning an action that will have devastating and irreversible consequences on generations to come. When historians write this chapter of history, will they explain that this world-changing event occurred because of a political stunt gone wrong, or will they say it happened due to a deep process of national dialogue and careful planning?

It has been a series of disingenuous political stunts. At present, we must make sure that if the decision to trigger Article 50 is made, it is done so with no regret.

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The decision to leave the European Union can only be made through the sovereignty of Parliament.

This single, narrow vote must not be the sole basis for deciding the entire fate of the United Kingdom.

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