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13-Dec-2014 07:13

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Phones get stolen and devices can get lost so if that nude photo that you took for your partner is still on there, other persons can have access to it.

Technology has played a big role in the way we live, but has our dependence on our devices been a more of a hindrance on how we relate to each other? Have you ever received a call from someone telling you to check your Whats App because they've sent a message?

Or do you exchange numbers with someone and realise at some point that you have never actually spoken to the person, you only communicate via text?

It seems people have gone from having conversations to texting.

One can argue that texting has replaced writing letters - which is something we stopped doing - but is it better to text than talk?

From games and movies to shopping, people are spending more time online - even finding love on dating sites.

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We live in a world where everything is quick - fast food, instant messaging, and drive thru weddings.

It seems everything happens at lightning speed - even relationships.

With all the options available online, how easy is it to navigate what is allowed in a relationship? Once you send a message to someone, you really don't have any control over who that person shares the information with.

What are the rules of engagement when it comes to online activity for persons in relationships? Social media is even less private, a lesson that many persons learn when they put up a post and realise that more people saw it than they intended. Delete an image or video as soon as you are through enjoying it.

The Internet has made the world seem so much smaller.

With applications such as Skype, Google Chat and others, communication is not only easier and it's instant.