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17-Mar-2015 13:03

I've always tried to go back and forth between playing good guys and bad guys, and I think what I’ve ended up with, in the end, is playing a lot of good guys where the bad is also evident, and playing a lot of bad guys where the good is also evident.coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the year before, wherein Roker introduced a young, still-unknown Boone—who was there to boost her brand-new crime show—and called her “Megan Brooke.” The —in which Boone stars as tough rookie FBI agent Elizabeth Keen opposite James Spader’s fedora-wearing criminal mastermind Raymond “Red” Reddington—was the breakaway hit of NBC’s 2013 pilot season. We’re becoming friends just like in the show.” We spoke with the 31-year-old Florida native at The Loews Regency in New York, not too far from where she was filming that day with Spader and new villainous cast member Paul Reubens (otherwise known as Pee-wee Herman).The crime drama, set in Washington, DC, is dark and full of unexpected twists, but it also focuses on the unlikely partnership of its heroine and anti-hero. And I think just the mix of age and experience has been great—the balance of that between the two of us. Two hours past call time—thanks to a grueling filming schedule—she arrives.The secretary is Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who suffers from self-mutilation, her boss is Mr.Grey (James Spader), who seems the coldest man alive.When they are in the same room you feel that there is something there, they both feel it too.

An emotionally fragile woman recently released from a mental hospital for self mutilation goes to school to gain secretarial skills to gain employment.She has an alcoholic father and a co-dependent mother who are clueless as to who she really is which a tormented soul who really wants to find something with which she can find success.She is a great secretary and finds a job with a unique, old fashioned, but off center in charge boss with a somewhat sadistic sexual proclivity. 'Secretary' deals with a daring and original subject and does this in an effective and funny way.Its subject is sadomasochism, its genre is a romantic comedy.

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We laugh at the right times, which is a good thing.

Considering the subject it is even hard to accomplish that since people who are not familiar with it laugh very easy when they see strange things. The original approach of the movie, the performances perfect for this movie, the funny moments and an ending that plays exactly as it should this is a good movie and one of the most original romantic comedies I have seen.

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