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Personally I'm a fan of the genre as a whole, and I'm not bothered whether or not I'm pursuing a bunch of pretty boys or beautiful stereotypical women who may or may not love me so much they want to kill me, but there is an audience out there who will gladly devour these maiden games.No matter if you're male or female there's an otome game out there for every taste.Sure, there are plenty of eroge titles to pore over if you look in the right places ( being one a personal favorite), but on the flip side, otome games are an even bigger rarity.Otome, or maiden games, are typically aimed at a female audience, plotting a heroine against a harem of bishoujo (handsome, “pretty” men), whom she will eventually end up in a relationship with.

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Taking a page from Inu Yasha and Fushigi Yugi, it follows young high school student Sayori, who stumbles upon a strange pendant while on a field trip with fellow students.

Of course she pockets the pendant, takes it home, and bizarre events unfold.

Hopefully with the arrival of the original Hakuoki title an influx of otome titles are coming to balance the shelves with male and female protagonists.

Until then, here are some of the better ones out there to satiate your appetite.

This is PC gaming week of Epictober, and one thing you can count on among PC games is the occasional freaky import release, like the dating games listed below.The dating sim/visual novel genre is a widely overlooked one in the United States.