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06-Oct-2016 21:34

Fly over 1,500 miles from Tokyo to the Okinawa Islands, Japan's southernmost prefecture with its own distinctive culture.

This is your chance to get away from it all discover beautiful white beaches, swim in warm translucent waters, spot rare wildlife and trek through undisturbed jungle.

Read more Our Island Hopping itinerary begins and ends in Tokyo, which should provide a striking contrast to the rest of your Japanese island adventure!

Flying three and a half hours south of the capital, you will arrive on Ishigaki Island, in the Yaeyama island chain.

With some of Japan's most beautiful beaches to relax on, a forested and mountainous interior to discover, and spectacularly diverse coral and marine life including huge Manta rays - Ishigaki is a world away from the distant capital city.

Just 20 minutes on a ferry will transport you back in time as you visit the tiny island of Taketomi, where the main form of transport is water buffalo-drawn cart.

If you visit between January and April you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of migrating Humpback Whales.

The Kerama Islands, the final stop on your island-hopping adventure, offer some of the best snorkelling in the world.

A night in Naha, the capital of Okinawa's main island, will bring you back to the modern world.

Formerly the centre of the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom, Naha is now a city of 70 thousand people and has everything that comes with it - thronged markets, a proliferation of restaurants, an exuberant nightlife scene and a booming line in fabulously tacky souvenirs.

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