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23-May-2016 06:54

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He's blaming this on the fact that I keep making him wear sun cream!

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All questions considered.moderator: We'll, get to the questions straight away!This question was emailed in advance from Rosalind.A familiar face to millions of GMTV viewers, he is also a practising GP in Basingstoke. dr_hilary_jones: Hello, I'm fine thank you, but as a man I would say that wouldn't I?Dr Jones is here to answer your questions - including talking to your man about his symptoms! Seriously though, I welcome any calls about men's health.

In these videos we would like to know what you would like to see us do live? We could do a fun challenge or tag, a room tour, answer questions or a hair tutorial.

If you missed our LIVE CHAT with GMTV's resident doctor Dr Hilary Jones, follow the transcript below.