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In the end, this was the Weimar Republic and they were courting a grave risk that they would eventually drive people too far. I cannot see what I can actually do, except try not to make things worse.The response was sometimes personal abused, sometimes total, frozen indifference, very, very occasionally a brief, fairly uncomprehending attempt to see my point which came to nothing. I don’t like these deep and increasingly spiteful divisions. Actually, my willingness to listen sympathetically to some of the worries of the Remainers has met with total indifference too.I don’t like the crumbling of old constitutional conventions and the increasing treatment of opponents as enemies. I doubt if one in a thousand of them even knows that I disapprove of the Referendum and that I think they had a case at the High Court.Even now they are so self-righteous they cannot imagine any opponent giving them the consideration they would never give in return. Just because your entire life hitherto has been lived in peace, stability and security, doesn’t mean this is guaranteed to last forever.Today , for the second time in five months, a left-wing elite paid the price of ignoring, for many years, the warnings of civilised and tolerant conservatives.

any or all of these things has earned me a patronising sneer, a lofty glance, a dismissal as if I am some sort of troglodyte who has got into the room by mistake.

I did not even seek to wrest power from them, if they would only moderate their dogmatic revolutionary drive.

I believed (and still believe) that they had made a mistake even on their own terms, that they could not possibly want the consequences of what they were doing.

People who think their own opinions make them virtuous have the most closed minds of all. Sick as I am of this behaviour, it has not sent me over the edge of rage and into unreason. I don’t buy goods I don’t want, just because the shop involved has nothing I do want. If only people had the sense to see it an d act accordingly, not voting is a much higher duty. Jobs gone, homes gone, savings wiped out between supper and breakfast, shortages of everything from milk to electricity. It could be you, ten years’ hence, selling your worldly possessions at the roadside (as in the opening scenes of ‘The Third Man’) to stay alive.

I refused to be beguiled into supporting Donald Trump, a yahoo and braggart whose views possibly coincide with mine on two or three things. If neither of these terrible candidates had achieved more than 15% of the vote, how could they claim any serious mandate for the things they want to do. Someone has cut the ropes, and we are adrift on a strange, sinister, powerful current towards an unknown destination which it might be better never to reach at all.It seemed absurd to be expected to support Mr Trump because I also did not support Hillary Clinton, a woman lost in a sea of money and liberal delusions, who has somehow persuaded herself that war is good. Yet, without resistance, the two halves of America agreed on one thing, That it was better to vote for disaster than not to vote at all. Hillary’s war policy in Syria would certainly have been one. Those old stories about wicked necromancers raising demons, and then not being able to send them back where they came from, seem to me to be metaphors for modern-day political alchemists who raise huge hopes which they know they cannot satisfy, so summoning into being crowds which can all too easily become mobs, and will not go home when asked. The liberal democracies have exhausted their form of government, which is increasingly using democracy to reject liberalism, but in an angry and impatient way.

Please contact me at (personal phone number) and (personal email)." [Hint - this is a scam. He later told me his last name was ** but there is no one by the last name of ** listed in the US.… continue reading »

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So looking at her through a lens during the show makes no sense at all.… continue reading »

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WASHINGTON — In one of the largest settlements involving credit card fraud, the owners of and several other adult sites agreed to pay million in refunds to settle charges they billed visitors for a supposedly free online peep show. also agreed to post a

In the end, this was the Weimar Republic and they were courting a grave risk that they would eventually drive people too far. I cannot see what I can actually do, except try not to make things worse.… continue reading »

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-million bond before it could continue to operate the Web sites, according to its settlement with the Federal Trade Commission and New York's attorney general. Chew and David Bernstein, were barred from operating adult entertainment Web sites unless they post bonds of 0,000 each. According to a government complaint against Crescent, visitors who disclosed their credit card numbers as proof they were of legal age to view adult content at Playgirl.com, and other Crescent Web sites later found their cards billed for recurring monthly charges of up to .… continue reading »

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