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“We’d been touring solidly for two years,” says White, “and the next month we came out here, sat at a keyboard to write for the first time, and wrote this song. While we’d been away, everybody we know had been feeling the same thing. Oh, he’s not well, he’s got something wrong with him, but he’s still working till ten every night, because his company’s nearly gone bust.Everyone seemed to have gone into meltdown, or lost their jobs”.The Ting Tings, one of British pop’s biggest recent success stories, are about to begin their second attack on our charts.The duo, Katie White and Jules De Martino, started out in 2007 in an arty community in Manchester’s Islington Mill development.

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Their first records were put together according to a thrifty DIY aesthetic, whereby they created all their sound using loops, basic computer technology, a cheap guitar, De Martino’s miniature drum kit and White’s shouty singing.Their comeback single, however, retains all the brash, punky attitude of its predecessors.” — which should strike a chord with anyone struggling against the repercussions of the economic downturn.When I meet the duo in Berlin, their adopted HQ for the past nine months, they explain how the track, which was mixed by the Scottish disco-pop star, Calvin Harris, was inspired by the relentless graft of promoting their debut record.

Along the way, they also picked up an Ivor Novello award, and a Grammy nomination.Amid all that global expansionism, one might’ve expected them now to have left their roots far behind them.