Kat von d dating timeline

10-Jul-2016 01:56

"May 2011: James helps promote his book that he forgives himself for what went down with Bullock. June 2011: Six months after he vows to marry, reports surface that the pair are on the outs.

James denies it, tweeting, "I like that all the piece of S—t tabloids are now following me on Twitter.

The romance is over, but they'll always have the tattoos.

Jesse Jamesand Kat Von D hooked up in the fiery aftermath of James' split from America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock, a breakup brought on by the So what brought it down?

Here's a timeline of their short-lived affair: Mar.

2010: Days after Sandra Bullock wins an Oscar and seems on top of the world, scandal erupts when a tabloid report claims James has been carrying on an affair.

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James lives with his three kids in Texas while Von D is based in Los Angeles.

April, 23 2010: actress files a petition to end her five-year union to the 42-year-old James and also reveals that she and her soon-to-be ex had adopted a baby boy, which she decides she will now raise as a single parent.

June 28, 2010: Sometime after James' divorce from Bullock is finalized; the Discovery Channel personality and 29-year-old Sept.

I'm pretty sure it's just so I can tell them to Lick My Balls." The duo later tell they are "still going strong."Mon.

Jesse later admits to pulling a Tiger Woods and having affairs with several women, including stripper Michelle "Bombshell" Mc Gee.He publicly apologizes to Bullock who moves out the couple's home by the middle of the month.