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No responsibility is accepted by RCI Europe for any losses or consequences resulting from material appearing in this publication.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in Endless Vacation, no responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions.

RCI Travel uses the name under licence from RCI Europe and is operated by ICE Europe Limited and is fulfilled by Contemporary Travel Solutions (“CTS”) an Accredited Body member of Advantage Travel Centres ("Advantage") – registered office: 21 Provost Street, London N1 7NH - company registration number 04698963. RCI Europe is a separate entity to ICE, CTS and Advantage and does not supply any travel services and is not responsible for any of the products or services sold by RCI Travel.

Advantage’s ABTA Number is P6913; more information at com.

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RCI Europe does not make any travel bookings whatsoever.

However, one of the benefits of RCI membership is exclusive access to RCI Travel an independent third party providing a travel booking service for RCI members.

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